Friday, November 20, 2015


_Sweater from Zara_Jeans from Pando Wear_Shoes_Nelly_Backpack from PX_

Hey guys,
as I said last week huge collaboration was coming up and finally it's here! It's px  and this brand just released a new collection! Well I'm a huge fan of backpacks and sometimes it's really hard to choose one, but px backpack is that one I would chose. Why? Because you can fit in about 20 litres in one bag. It's quite amazing, don't you think? Also it's the best companion when you are traveling somewhere and can't take a lot of stuff, so all you need is this one px  backpack and you have all you need in one place. Awesome, yes? :) This brand also created three new bags for your daily lifestyle, so if you're interested, hurry up and check their website or buy one immediately here! I truly recommend you to have a look at this px  backpack and other products, especially when it's raining all day long and these products are made from waterproof material, so your bag will never be wet again!  :)

Xx. Jualek


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


_Sweater from Zara_Jeans from Zara_Shoes from Zara_Rings from H&M_Watch from Elle_Bag from WANT les essentiels

Hey my dear readers!
This week was one of the lazy ones, so all I was doing on it was laying in my cozy bedroom and watching movies with a cup of black english tea (fav one)...well hundreds of cups..haha. I don't know why but when November comes I can feel christmas coming more faster and it's my favourite celebration of the year. So I guess it won't took long for me to start prepering for winter season.. :) Last week I was walking with my friends in this beautiful place near national art gallery and felt absolutely inspired to do something with my life, well that sounds funny, but I really hate my studies and I want to do something with fashion so a huge project is coming up in winter and i truly can't wait for it! So my lovely readers keep checking up my blog, because next week it will be about my collaboration with amazing brand!

See you soon,
Xx. Jualek.

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